LTV Goodbye

It is with a heavy heart that we here at Popup Joe’s Coffee Co. have to say a fond farewell to all the Java fans at Lichfield Trent Valley Train Station.

We’ve loved every minute of our time at the station ( Ok, perhaps not ‘every minute’… snow, rain, wind…) and have done our best to set you guys up for your day with the best java we could offer, with a bit of friendly banter on the side.

However, the new operators at LTV have decided that a small on-site café is a better way to facilitate the needs of rail passengers, which means, sadly, it’s time for us to move on.

So, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you all…and of course.. ‘cheers!’! Let’s lift a fully recyclable coffee cup one last time to all of the amazing people we’ve had the pleasure to meet over the years.

Here’s to the 5AM ‘got there before the ticket office opens’ triple espresso drinkers…to the ‘you’re a life saver’ flat white guzzlers…to the ‘extra shot’ needers…the ‘playlist lovers’… the ‘triple shot, extra hot, skinny vanilla latte’ orderers…and not forgetting the ‘Monday morning warriors’.

It has been our absolute pleasure to serve you, and I’m sure we’ll see you all at a street food market or festival soon.

Mike and the team from Popup Joe’s Coffee Co.