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At Popup Joe’s, we’re all about creating a fresh, new twist on the traditional coffee house idea.

Popup Joe’s offers what we consider to be the best of all coffee worlds, by mating fantastic single origin, Columbian Jaz beans from Iron & Fire with smooth tasting specialist coffee styles from Australia, America, Italy and France. And we don’t expect you to part with your hard-earned for just an average cup of Java…we want you to get the perfect coffee experience you’re after! You want a single shot, 8oz flat white… you got it! You want a 16oz double shot, extra tall, skinny latte with a double pump of caramel… no problem!


Popup Joe’s draws on 30 years of coffee experience and our fully trained baristas can not only make all of our fantastic, smooth tasting coffees perfectly to your liking, but they can also talk you through the specifics of grind, pre-infusion, micro or maxi foam and… well… just about anything else you’d like to know about our passion for coffee.​



FROm £270

Keep your guests fuelled with our Intimate Coffee & Cocktail Wedding packages to suit all budgets.
Minimum 15 guests.

Popup Joes Indoor Corporate event hire


price varies

Hire a pop up Coffee or specialist alcohol bar in any location inside or outside or facilitate your own stand with our equipment and staff.

Popup Joes Corporate Event Hire

Festivals & ouTDOOR EVENTS

price varies

We provide beverage services to any outdoor event including Music festivals, sporting events, trade shows and fundraisers.


Classic Coffee’s

Latte (12oz)

Espresso and steamed milk

Flat white (8oz)

Espresso with microfoam

Americano (12oz)

Espresso with hot water

Cappuccino (12oz)

Equal parts of espresso, steamed and milk froth

Macchiato (8oz)

Espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk

Espresso (2oz)

A single shot or coffee


Had pop up joes at my wedding and they also served cocktails. These went down so well. Mike was outstanding & was so helpful - in particular as I wanted to make a change the day before. He was brilliant & would 100% recommend. Thanks once again

Katie and Andrew

2 July 2022

We had Popup Joe's for my son's wedding at the hidden hive. The coffee was a massive hit and the coffee bar was so popular I even got my iced coffee ( and started a trend!). It's refreshing to meet a team so dedicated to providing a first class. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Many thanks for helping make it a day to remember.

Deb Airey

September 2019

Popup Joe's were a great addition to our wedding - so many of our guests said how much they enjoyed having not just coffee but 'really good coffee' to keep them going for the rest of the party. Also, Mike was very responsive and accomodating to our requests leading up to the event, and was a pleasure to work with on the day. Thanks so much!

Robert S

13th August 2022

We hired pop up joes for our recent wedding. What an excellent choice! Beautiful coffee, great selection but perfect service topped it off. Would book again and again without hesitation. If you are pondering, just press the select button. No need to ponder.

Deb Airey

2 September 2019

We had popup joes coffee at our wedding and they were amazing, great service and great coffee. They were the first thing people saw and experienced as they arrived at our wedding and it set the tone for the day, fantastic, thank you Mike and his team. Sarah and James. X

Sarah and James Mcqueen

22 June 2019

Great guy and great coffee. Helped me out when I was in a binge on Thursday morning. I would be lost without his coffee in the morning.

Nathan Kemp

16th October 2017


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