Split-screen Bar

Retro VW bar

Before becoming a part of our fleet, this bus served its early years working hard in Brazil transporting surface mined stone around one of the many quarries.

Later on it was used by a t-shirt company to promote and sell their merchandise.

Finally in early 2020 it was imported over from Brazil on to UK roads and straight into a garage for conversion and during covid, Mike from Popup Joes lovingly restored the bus and converted into a functional and aesthetically pleasing bar which is now being enjoyed by many people at events all over the UK. 

Popup Joes Split screen bar

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Popup Joe's cater for almost any indoor or outside event, including weddings, festivals, markets, corporate days and sporting events. From classic coffee favourites to signature boozy cocktails, we offer a wide range of hot and cold drinks served from a choice of bars which can be tailored to you and your event, from a rustic scaffold bar to a smart champagne bar! Please use the contact form for any booking enquiries and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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